Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Greatest Moments in Sports Grand Prize, presented by Sports Illustrated

As a result of being the head golf coach to the Kingdom of Bhutan, Scott Janus won a Greatest Moments in Sports Grand Prize, presented by Sports Illustrated. One of the prizes included a trip to any city in America to meet his favorite athlete. Scott chose New York so he could meet Mariano Rivera, the Yankees closer.

The winning entry: In 2007-2008, I was appointed Golf Coach to the Kingdom of Bhutan. During my stay I taught the youth in the capital of Bhutan 5 days per week every morning. One of my other duties was to travel across the nation to help implement golf into the lower secondary schools. While I was there I was able to teach the youth many advanced techniques in terms of pre-shot routine, swing mechanics, and
overall fundamentals. Just several months after returning to the United States, I received a phone call. The phone call described how one of the 15-year-old boys I had coached on a daily basis, had just qualified for the World Junior Golf Championships at Mission Hills, China. This information was amazing considering that the boy has lived his entire life in the Himalayas. The story is great and shows that anyone can become a champion under any and all circumstances.

Wikipedia 2012:
Mariano Rivera exhibits a reserved demeanor on the field that contrasts with the emotional, demonstrative temperament of many of his peers. Hall of Fame closer Goose Gossage said that Rivera's composure under stress gave him the appearance of having "ice water in his veins". Commenting on his ability to remain focused in pressure situations, Rivera said, "When you start thinking, a lot of things will happen... If you don't control your emotions, your emotions will control your acts, and that's not good." Wikipedia 2012

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